'I was really nervous as I stood up to give my Best Man Speech but within seconds all my fears started to vanish as I could feel the guests were enjoying your speech and well before the end I was brimming with a new found confidence'
Michael J Smith - Uttoxeter

'My husband freaked out when he realised he would have to give a speech but with your help he gave a great one and took a lot of applause that rightfully should have been for you'
Hannah Wilkinson - Marlow.

'I cannot believe how much I captivated the audience and this was my first public speaking ever'
Martin Fellows - Norwich

Best Man's Speech

The Best Man gives the 3rd speech and it is usually the longest.

He (the best man)is traditionally the grooms best friend or brother. Whoever he is, 'He' will know practically everything about the groom. This speech should be humourous but sincere.

It is not just a case of standing there telling 'jokes' or 'how' one day (the groom) was blah blah blah. It is about relating 'those intimate (although, not to intimate) stories that you shared. And telling them in such a way as to make them seem funny....Or relate about the grooms sadness at a certain event.

Not all best man speeches have to be full of humour. People like the 'True' stories.

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