'My speech could not have gone better. apart from the happy couple I was the man of the hour. Everyone kept congratulating me.' Edward Harrison - Exeter

'How often was I going to be Maid of Honour? Your speech certainly ensured that I did not screw it up.' Lisa Monroe - Reading

'Thank you so very much. My (your) speech was the best.' Kathy Littlewood - Sheffield

'I felt so unsure about speaking at my best friends wedding. I am glad I did and now even gladder! that I found your website.' Rachel Jones - Dover

'My advice to anyone would be to come and get one of your speeches' Chantelle Bourdain - Ipswich

Head Brides Maid Speech

So your best friend is getting married?

How do you feel about that, you know you will be chosen as Matron of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid, nervous?

Well don't be, as YOU are the 'Brides' best friend, you will know most of her secrets (not those kinds), you will have seen certain situations that were amusing, or downright silly. I would assume there are times when you would have like to 'share' them with others. Here is your chance!

Let me take the hassle of writing them down, give me those anecdotes and they will be put into a tremendous speech for you. Your friend will 'love' you for it and so too will the guests. No use laying awake at nights worrying about what to say. Let me take that pressure from you.

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