'I have tried to remember as much of the day as possible but what really stayed in my mind was the lovely words my Dad said in his speech. He confessed two days later that it came from you but also said they would have been his choice if he had written it himself! Thank you his speech was really the crowning point .'
Ann Montgomery - Carlisle

Thank you. There was some great humour and appropriate compliments and comments which I wouldn't have thought of.'
Nicky Hamilton - Epsom

I was running short of time and even at the last minute almost you came up with a cracking speech.' Lesley Burnage - Wolverhampton

Brides Speech

Do you want to show the man in your life 'You love him'. Say a few words at your wedding'. Traditionally the Bride does not have a speech at this time, but... Break with Tradition..Be a devil, 'Surprise him and the guests with a speech that he will never forget.

You know you love this person, your marrying him, but, he is only a man!! Inform him through words how much you care for him, share your favourite poem, or, tell me something about him and I will compose something very special for your big day.

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