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Father of the Bride Speech

The Father of the Bride is traditionally the 1st Speaker.
It is the biggest day in YOUR daughters life. Your emotions are scattered everywhere, did she choose the right man? Will they live happily? Well that part of a parents worry will never go away, but right now, this is her choice, let her live it.

You have enough on your mind to worry about, not least the wedding speech where he confirms he has handed over his daughter into the care of another man.

You and the Brides mother will have scores of amusing tales to tell, some will even be sad ones, or tales that started out sad and ended happily. A fathers speech is about the telling of his precious daughters life in a few minutes, where do you start? What should be included? This is where I come in!!!

In reality, tell the audience and your daughter, how much you loved her, thank everyone for attending the wedding, applaud their efforts for making this wedding one to remember for your daughters sake, and remember to tell the bridegroom how happy you are that he is joining your family, that you are not losing a daughter, but gaining a son.

Make this speech your best one ever, your daughter will remember it then this could bring you even closer. The main thing is, it MUST come from your heart, do this and everyone will know its true.

Let me have the information I will compose a sensational speech for you. some people do not have the words, I do, I am a wordsmith, let me help take the burden away from you.

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