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Thomas Durdin - Lincoln

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Bridegrooms Speech

The Bridegroom is traditionally the 2nd Speaker.
Apart from the obvious, that is, the 'Bride & Groom' being at the wedding, the speeches are fundamentally 'THE' most important part for those who have to both speak and listen.
How will you feel in say 25 years, when your wife still relates YOUR wedding speech to you. The words you say on this auspicious day she WILL remember for all time.

Take the 'stress' out of your life 'Now'. You don't have to worry about what YOUR going to say, leave that to me. I will put everything in order so that you will know what to say and how and when it should be said. Have you got a favourite little story that happened to you or your spouse? Tell me.

Leave the worrying behind, use my knowledge and experience of my wedding speeches to create that 'special' reminder of your special day.

It is also tradition that if you are going to give a 'thank you' present then this is normally given after the Bridegrooms Speech
The Bride may well choose to say a few words at this time and join in the distribution of gifts to their parents, best man and bridesmaids.

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